Steph was on hols yesterday and Thursday, I had a couple of lovely quiet days without her. Yesterday afternoon went to pot for a bit when I noticed she'd written a note in the diary for the secretaries (ie, me and Cath... what, do we work for her now?!) to call #obnoxious customer to check that the time for their cattle's TB test was ok, as she'd rearranged it without telling them.

#obnoxious customer was not pleased. I had to call another person whose test was at the time that #obnoxious' test was originally at, Catherine was soothing #obnoxious, it all ended up being a bit of a pickle, but we got it agreed with Kim that we'd sorted it out to the best of our ability and she had no problems with the end result. (Steph'd originally given #obnoxious to the youngest vet, which wasn't the best of situations anyway, as they are truly dreadful!)

Kim blamed Sarah for the error, because she'd originally booked it in for herself to deal with at that time (well in advance) and then decided to go on holiday on that day. Steph obviously noted it well in advance, as she was working on Wednesday, and there was no reason for her not to be able to deal with it then. I think Steph should've dealt with this from start to finish (not leave it for me and Cath to sort out!), or if she absolutely couldn't (no idea why she wouldn't be able to) she needed to TELL someone, and not put stupid notes in the paper diary for me to find and nearly have a heart attack over! (I'm not even sure this is making sense now, but I am bloody cross about it!)

Also, on Thursday I got asked by a random member of the public whilst I was queuing for a spud how many dogs I'd PTS that day. Incredible. I eyed him for a second, then invited him to read my work clothing. My t-shirt says HAMPDEN VETERINARY HOSPITAL FARM DEPARTMENT. It's sort of a clue. Also? I'm not a vet. Oh, and vets do actually do other work than PTS-ing animals!!

Swimming was good. No kids as they've all gone back to school, therefore there was loads of water in the pool as the flume wasn't on. Yippee!!!! Also, I need a new swimming bag as my HBOS one is coming apart. And I want a Body Dry towel, too, but no shops round here seem to stock 'em!

Oh, and I still don't have a waterproof watch - although realistically I'd most likely never wear it as I don't like having things round my wrists. Wearing my locker key bracelet is bad enough! (And don't talk to me about locker keys, blasted thing locked fine pre-swim, but post-swim when I wanted to go for a shower would it lock again once I got my towel out? Nooooooo... and it wouldn't give me back my £1 either, I had to do some creative swearing to get it to give the bloody thing back and then swapped everything into the next locker, which worked perfectly!)

I'd quite like a snorkel, but I don't think it's really appropriate for the swimming pool. :-)
The weather was back to normal for the time of year today (we had a very little rain yesterday), so it was beautifully sunny and it was nice to be out in it at lunch time!  I wandered around town for a bit, went to the farmers market and purchased chocolate brownies for work (yum!), went to the library to pick up some books, and then went to Barclays bank to show them a letter I'd received which made no sense whatsoever, and caused them to laugh quite a bit.    'I am pleased to confirm that the dormant account funds of £0.74, including interest if applicable.'  terrible English!  Someone obviously didn't have their brain engaged when they wrote that... and I now have a cheque for 74p to pay into my Halifax account.  Yay.  Cheeky Barclays closing my account down and not notifying me. :(

Today was a very busy day at work, I put away a drugs order all on my own, and everything that we'd ordered was there (except for a couple of back order items) and we even had a random extra item. (We couldn't use it, as it was for cats, so we sent it over to the Small Animal dept of the hospital...)  I took at least 50 million phone calls.  *grin*

I enjoy my job. It's *so* chilled and relaxed! And stress free - I know this will pick up when it gets to a busier time of the year, but honestly I feel so much happier working there!

I've been speaking to my friend Sue in Southend-on-Sea, and she wants us to go visit her overnight at some point (but not this weekend).  That's all very well, but she has cats, and we have a notorious cat-chasing dog... *laugh*  I'm sure we'll sort something out - and it would be lovely to see her!
4 letters from DWP in the past week. One day it was a P45 and P60, and a letter saying they were going to not pay me any benefits as I am now in full time work. As they weren't paying me benefits anyway, I find myself speculating over whether this means they *are* going to pay me something, due to 2 negatives making a positive... wish I could find the letter, it made more sense than my waffle here! Oh, and on Friday I had a letter telling me my benefits count as taxable income (yes, I know this already... it's not rocket science!) and they've passed the details on to the tax office, all £56.10 of it. *amused*

We had a rain squall this afternoon, *just* after I'd finished hanging the laundry out. I was not amused. Pete and I brought it all back indoors, and he put it in the tumble dryer. Naturally, we now have bright sunshine. *grr*

I have just been attacked by vicious grass when I was weeding one of the pots in the back garden. There is a slice across my thumb pad which is throbbing in a disconcertingly painful manner. :(

Job good. I like job!
I had a bit more to do at work today, which was nice. I got to see how the scanner works, as Steph showed me it very briefly this morning. I had a 2 hr meeting with the practice manager which was basically going through customer service stuff. We went through it all quite quickly, presumably because he knew that I understood what he was talking about. Customer service is after all pretty much a given standard across all industries.

Amusingly, the accounts lady asked for my P45 documentation today, and I didn't have it yet, which is of course why it was on the doormat when I got home this evening. Actually, I had 3 letters from the DWP. One is my P45 (yay), the second is a letter telling me they cannot pay me an allowance from 16 May 2011 because I am going to be working for more than 16hrs a week. Awww. They're going to stop paying me nothing! Isn't that sweet of them. Oh, and the 3rd letter is my P60, which I suppose I'd better store somewhere safe!

I had more fun this afternoon with Catherine, Bella and Theeb - we sat and chatted a bit (T & B are two of the vets) and learned a bit more about each other, which was nice. My boss didn't come back to the office after she finished her last job this afternoon; a cow stood on her foot so she went home to put it up and rest it a bit!  I could *never* be a vet, with all the injuries they get!  (Not to mention all the horrid things they have to do... T was really excited this morning, he got a new emasculator and he got to play with it this afternoon as he had a goat to castrate. He said it was great! *grin*)
It rained a little today, but still not enough really. The bare soil in the back garden needs water to weigh it down so we can see how much more soil needs to be added, I think. Pete's been rolling it out with next door's concrete roller thing. :)

Yesterday there was a little rain, too. We went to Lakeland and purchased lots of good things, amongst which was the best laundry basket ever. :-)
Can't decide whether to have hair trimmed or cut tonight. Decisions, decisions. :-/ (and if cut, how much to lose!)
I'm playing Dragon Age: Origins at the moment, and I have a complaint. All the people I have so far encountered have identical teeth. And those teeth are *scary*. Perfectly straight, no variation at all.

It rained overnight and a little this morning. Yay! We've not had rain for a while again, so this was good. Wish the lid'd been off the water butt, though.

We went into town this afternoon to get curtain hooks for the new blackouts. Oddly, Paul Simon only had one sort of curtain hook in, and they were too large. So we tried Home Store and More... no luck. Then we tried Argos. No luck there either, but the lovely ladies who were serving suggested we try Wilkinson's, and we did. They also had the too large ones... and some of the thinner design! Hurrah!

As we were there we took the opportunity to also purchase a fermenting barrel, some more wine corks and some more wine bottles. We need to do *something* with the masses of rhubarb, after all... :-)
Yippee! I got the job working as Farm Secretary at my local Vet Hospital. They were apparently very impressed with me this morning. I'm sooooo happy! *bounce*

Starting date isn't known yet, as the lady I am replacing is in a chain and is waiting for others to sell their properties... But I have a firm, solid job offer, and paperwork will be posted to me imminently! *beam*
Well, today has been lovely. First off, I got a surprise Easter pressie from [personal profile] the_hunter, for which I am very grateful - so happy! It put a big grin on my face.

This afternoon I had my interview at the Vet Hospital for the position of Farm Secretary. The position sounds a little daunting - it has a 12 - 18 month learning period! - but on the whole it sounds very very interesting. I will be working there on Thursday morning to see how I feel about it and how they feel about me. *glee*

I've just spent some time talking to an ossifer of the law at the front door whilst he played with the Comedy Dog (Charlie was most insistent! *blush*). Next door has been burgled, and their teenage son is the most likely culprit - he needed to know if I'd spotted anything between 4pm and 7pm, and as luck would have it I was out of the house between 3:30 and 5:10! Didn't spot anything after then apart from a UKiP person who was going around leafletting, and I saw him go into their porch - they leave the external door unlocked but lock the inner one. Me, I'm so suspicious I lock both. *grin* Anyway, I politely told the UKiP person to sling his hook when he offered me a leaflet - I've already voted, not much point, really! *smile*

I'm really looking forward to Thursday!
Ooookay... Local rag has just published this news story and I am, quite frankly, astounded. I giggled. Then I tweeted back to them asking them if they had any idea why it was so dangerous. OMG dangerous grass cutting.

Are these children too young to realise its dangerous to throw themselves under a ride on mower?
Are they out there unsupervised?
Could they not heed a 'please move out of the way for a few minutes' polite request?!
Well, it appears that we have finally had some rain! The ground is damp, and the temperature outside is more bearable than it has been recently. Not that I am complaining about the beautiful weather we have been having recently, of course, it's just... it's nice to have rain. And the lid was on the water barrel because it wasn't predicted to rain. Drat!
We went out this afternoon, and were playing nicely off lead with Charlie, the ball and launcher like the mad ball-obsessed thing that he is... when this collie came out of nowhere and wanted to play. He ignored it, because, you know, BALL... I shooed it off - no visible people around, which pissed me off no end.

It came back again, and stood in my personal space, and got grrrrd at. I grabbed Charlie's harness as soon as I saw the blasted thing moving towards me, too. Next thing that happened was one pissed off Charlie shouting GO AWAY RUDE DOG, as he ran under the table to get at it (thereby upsetting his water bowl all over my sandalled feet!). Poor Charlie ended up on his lead tied to table whilst this THING stood just out of reach, with tongue lolling out, then it trotted off, and as far as I can make out pooed behind someone's car...

We *think* it's people were the ones who decided to have a picnic on the grass the other side of the car park, where they had no possible chance of keeping an eye on it.

We were having *fun*, there was an extended family near us, and they had a lovely polite little boy who borrowed the ball launcher from us then *threw* Charlie's ball and gave the launcher back to us with a "thank you" - he was sweet! He even said goodbye when we wandered off. (Collie had rather spoiled the fun for me, and definitely spoiled the fun for Charlie!)
The front door just slammed suddenly. This resulted in panicky dog going and standing by Peter, wagging his tail madly. I wish the camera a) had been down here and b) that I'd been fast enough getting upstairs to get it, because he was stood next to the guitar, which resulted in Tail Music. *grin*

As Pete's gone to post his Nanna's birthday card Charlie has now decided to lie at my feet. This means I can't sit in the position I would like to, with my chair completely under my desk. Pest. :-)

I was going to check the temperature in the back garden, but the thermometer seems to have vanished. According to the BBC weather pages it is 23C here at the moment, and by 10pm it will have dropped to a cool 17C(!). Did I sleep through all of April and May, and it's actually June after all? I just checked back in LJ, the last time we had rain was 11 April. Cor...
A small boy has just posted a leaflet through my letterbox, which was an advert for some car services.  I wouldn't mind, but he didn't shut the gate after himself - I went out and did so, and it's a good job Charlie doesn't leave the garden without permission, although I wouldn't like to rely on that if cats were around, knowing how he feels about cats.  I told the small boy to make sure he shut gates behind himself in future, as he was 2 houses away.  He needs to learn!

It's a lovely sunny day again. I've just looked back at my diary, and the last time we had rain was 11th April!  I am remembering to write rainy days down, so that I can say for sure how many we've had. I got a headache from being out in the sun yesterday, planting some of my seedlings. My sunflower seedlings appear to have completely disappeared, and I'm a bit disappointed about that. I might try to start off a couple more.

Something appears to be eating the cabbages and brussels sprouts that are in the ground. The cabbages that are in my raised bed are fine. I put slug pellets and egg shells down, just in case it is a slug attack, but I couldn't see slimey trails, which leads me to suspect Evil Butterflies. :-(
I've emailed Mr David Lidington, my MP, to ask if there is anything that can be done in the case of Mr Michael Aranda, an American citizen who came over here on a 6 week Visa on January 2nd 2011 to help a British band record their album. The border officer _wrote_ 6 months in his passport. (As far as I am concerned here, he's a bit of a numpty, just to set the record straight.) He apparently took it as being 6 months. Me, if I'd asked for a 6 week visa and someone'd written 6 months in my passport, I'd've queried it. Anyway.

On April the 6th he was refused entry back into the UK as his visa is only valid for the 6 weeks he asked for, and not for 6 months. He's apparently currently stranded in France with no way of getting his belongings in London back. I had a reply from one of Mr Lidington's staff who has advised "Mr Lidington has written to Mr Damian Green MP, Minister of State for Immigration, in order for him to address your concerns." I don't really think he should get the full 6 months the ipetition is saying he should have - he applied for 6 weeks, and got 6 weeks. It's not the gov't's fault that someone wrote months instead of weeks in his passport. But he should be allowed to come back so he can get his things, then go home again - no?

In other news, I have sowed beetroot, pickling onions, and hanging tomato seeds today. I have weeded one of Pete's patches as much as I could - too much bending over made me a bit dizzy, so I stopped. I pulled up loads of that annoying weed with white flowers and seeds that leap out all over the place if you so much as brush it. I've forgotten what it's called, though!

I have done 6 minutes on the exercise bike, on a cardio programme, and now I have sore muscles at the top of my legs and a pain in my right side. Oops.
Today's been an okay sort of day - I put a load of laundry on and hung it out this morning, did the washing up, then the comedy dog and I went for a walk over the park with the ball launcher. (Boy does he get excited about the ball launcher!) There were no other dogs around, and he had a brilliant time haring all over the place after the ball.

At lunch time I cut out straps for a new collar for Charlie, and hit a snag with the sewing machine. It doesn't appear to want to go through 2 thicknesses of webbing. Grr. A newer model machine might be the answer here - any recommendations?

We've had actual rain this afternoon. Only a little, mind! It has now cooled down quite a lot, and my ankles are chilly because the kitchen window is open - I had to let a wasp out - and I can't shut it from indoors due to being too short/too fat!

Also, I've had an email from the Practice Manager at the vets, giving me lots of information about the upcoming job and asking if I am interested in it. Goodness me, yes... The job is either part time (approx 28h) or full time (40h) and it *sounds* as though they want me to decide which option I would like to go for. Both positions have one Saturday in 6 that must be worked. I have replied saying yes, I am interested. (Just a little!)
This afternoon we went out for a walk, to Coombe Hill in the Chilterns. (We drove there first... it's not that close!) We had a lovely walk with the comedy dog off lead and haring after tennis balls fired in all directions - it went in a big clump of gorse at one point and made him yelp when he tried to barge in after it. I had to hold him back as Pete fished around gingerly with the ball launcher! Charlie behaved perfectly off lead, didn't pay any attention to other dogs, he was much more interested in the BALL.

We took a packed lunch with us, and the gods of fortune must've blinked or something when Pete got the water flask out... he ended up wearing most of it. I only had a mouthful of water! Charlie had a good bit of water in the bowl (decided we might as well let him use the picnic bowl as a water bowl, it saved on carrying extra stuff around with us) before this happened, so he was okay.

Ideally, I'd like a proper wicker picnic basket, but I've no idea where to look for one. Plus, I don't really have any money... :(
There was a little birdy hopping around on the pergola this morning, looked very much like a juvenile sparrow to me - buff underneath, slightly darker wings, with white flashes. When I noticed it it was stood right next to the resident great tit. (Which flew off before I could get my camera... typical!) I chatted to [profile] kaiserdad about it whilst it was there, and it was a bit older than I'd thought as it hopped up onto the lowest part of the pergola, so wasn't a really young one. That was a relief! I wasn't relishing keeping an eye on it in case Mr & Mrs Magpie (denizens of The Bottom Of The Garden) decided it was a tasty snack.

I thought I'd be clever earlier on, and tried to fill the pond so that it overflows and then the nasty duckweed would just float off. Further thought pointed out to me (duh) that if I did that all the good plants would float off, too. Drat. I'm going to go for the chemical warfare option. Look out duckweed!

Charlie and I just got shut out in the front garden, when a freak gentle breeze blew the front door shut. (Possibly something to do with having the back door open at the same time... *laugh*) We trekked round to the back garden (looked at by passers-by, as I had a hand on his hairiness' collar, just in case - there *was* a cat up ahead, after all!) and got in that way. I went back out again to carry on weeding, but this time took my keys with me. *grin*
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