4 letters from DWP in the past week. One day it was a P45 and P60, and a letter saying they were going to not pay me any benefits as I am now in full time work. As they weren't paying me benefits anyway, I find myself speculating over whether this means they *are* going to pay me something, due to 2 negatives making a positive... wish I could find the letter, it made more sense than my waffle here! Oh, and on Friday I had a letter telling me my benefits count as taxable income (yes, I know this already... it's not rocket science!) and they've passed the details on to the tax office, all £56.10 of it. *amused*

We had a rain squall this afternoon, *just* after I'd finished hanging the laundry out. I was not amused. Pete and I brought it all back indoors, and he put it in the tumble dryer. Naturally, we now have bright sunshine. *grr*

I have just been attacked by vicious grass when I was weeding one of the pots in the back garden. There is a slice across my thumb pad which is throbbing in a disconcertingly painful manner. :(

Job good. I like job!
I had a bit more to do at work today, which was nice. I got to see how the scanner works, as Steph showed me it very briefly this morning. I had a 2 hr meeting with the practice manager which was basically going through customer service stuff. We went through it all quite quickly, presumably because he knew that I understood what he was talking about. Customer service is after all pretty much a given standard across all industries.

Amusingly, the accounts lady asked for my P45 documentation today, and I didn't have it yet, which is of course why it was on the doormat when I got home this evening. Actually, I had 3 letters from the DWP. One is my P45 (yay), the second is a letter telling me they cannot pay me an allowance from 16 May 2011 because I am going to be working for more than 16hrs a week. Awww. They're going to stop paying me nothing! Isn't that sweet of them. Oh, and the 3rd letter is my P60, which I suppose I'd better store somewhere safe!

I had more fun this afternoon with Catherine, Bella and Theeb - we sat and chatted a bit (T & B are two of the vets) and learned a bit more about each other, which was nice. My boss didn't come back to the office after she finished her last job this afternoon; a cow stood on her foot so she went home to put it up and rest it a bit!  I could *never* be a vet, with all the injuries they get!  (Not to mention all the horrid things they have to do... T was really excited this morning, he got a new emasculator and he got to play with it this afternoon as he had a goat to castrate. He said it was great! *grin*)
It rained a little today, but still not enough really. The bare soil in the back garden needs water to weigh it down so we can see how much more soil needs to be added, I think. Pete's been rolling it out with next door's concrete roller thing. :)

Yesterday there was a little rain, too. We went to Lakeland and purchased lots of good things, amongst which was the best laundry basket ever. :-)
I'm playing Dragon Age: Origins at the moment, and I have a complaint. All the people I have so far encountered have identical teeth. And those teeth are *scary*. Perfectly straight, no variation at all.

It rained overnight and a little this morning. Yay! We've not had rain for a while again, so this was good. Wish the lid'd been off the water butt, though.

We went into town this afternoon to get curtain hooks for the new blackouts. Oddly, Paul Simon only had one sort of curtain hook in, and they were too large. So we tried Home Store and More... no luck. Then we tried Argos. No luck there either, but the lovely ladies who were serving suggested we try Wilkinson's, and we did. They also had the too large ones... and some of the thinner design! Hurrah!

As we were there we took the opportunity to also purchase a fermenting barrel, some more wine corks and some more wine bottles. We need to do *something* with the masses of rhubarb, after all... :-)
Well, it appears that we have finally had some rain! The ground is damp, and the temperature outside is more bearable than it has been recently. Not that I am complaining about the beautiful weather we have been having recently, of course, it's just... it's nice to have rain. And the lid was on the water barrel because it wasn't predicted to rain. Drat!
Today's been an okay sort of day - I put a load of laundry on and hung it out this morning, did the washing up, then the comedy dog and I went for a walk over the park with the ball launcher. (Boy does he get excited about the ball launcher!) There were no other dogs around, and he had a brilliant time haring all over the place after the ball.

At lunch time I cut out straps for a new collar for Charlie, and hit a snag with the sewing machine. It doesn't appear to want to go through 2 thicknesses of webbing. Grr. A newer model machine might be the answer here - any recommendations?

We've had actual rain this afternoon. Only a little, mind! It has now cooled down quite a lot, and my ankles are chilly because the kitchen window is open - I had to let a wasp out - and I can't shut it from indoors due to being too short/too fat!

Also, I've had an email from the Practice Manager at the vets, giving me lots of information about the upcoming job and asking if I am interested in it. Goodness me, yes... The job is either part time (approx 28h) or full time (40h) and it *sounds* as though they want me to decide which option I would like to go for. Both positions have one Saturday in 6 that must be worked. I have replied saying yes, I am interested. (Just a little!)



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