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Steph was on hols yesterday and Thursday, I had a couple of lovely quiet days without her. Yesterday afternoon went to pot for a bit when I noticed she'd written a note in the diary for the secretaries (ie, me and Cath... what, do we work for her now?!) to call #obnoxious customer to check that the time for their cattle's TB test was ok, as she'd rearranged it without telling them.

#obnoxious customer was not pleased. I had to call another person whose test was at the time that #obnoxious' test was originally at, Catherine was soothing #obnoxious, it all ended up being a bit of a pickle, but we got it agreed with Kim that we'd sorted it out to the best of our ability and she had no problems with the end result. (Steph'd originally given #obnoxious to the youngest vet, which wasn't the best of situations anyway, as they are truly dreadful!)

Kim blamed Sarah for the error, because she'd originally booked it in for herself to deal with at that time (well in advance) and then decided to go on holiday on that day. Steph obviously noted it well in advance, as she was working on Wednesday, and there was no reason for her not to be able to deal with it then. I think Steph should've dealt with this from start to finish (not leave it for me and Cath to sort out!), or if she absolutely couldn't (no idea why she wouldn't be able to) she needed to TELL someone, and not put stupid notes in the paper diary for me to find and nearly have a heart attack over! (I'm not even sure this is making sense now, but I am bloody cross about it!)

Also, on Thursday I got asked by a random member of the public whilst I was queuing for a spud how many dogs I'd PTS that day. Incredible. I eyed him for a second, then invited him to read my work clothing. My t-shirt says HAMPDEN VETERINARY HOSPITAL FARM DEPARTMENT. It's sort of a clue. Also? I'm not a vet. Oh, and vets do actually do other work than PTS-ing animals!!




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