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The weather was back to normal for the time of year today (we had a very little rain yesterday), so it was beautifully sunny and it was nice to be out in it at lunch time!  I wandered around town for a bit, went to the farmers market and purchased chocolate brownies for work (yum!), went to the library to pick up some books, and then went to Barclays bank to show them a letter I'd received which made no sense whatsoever, and caused them to laugh quite a bit.    'I am pleased to confirm that the dormant account funds of £0.74, including interest if applicable.'  terrible English!  Someone obviously didn't have their brain engaged when they wrote that... and I now have a cheque for 74p to pay into my Halifax account.  Yay.  Cheeky Barclays closing my account down and not notifying me. :(

Today was a very busy day at work, I put away a drugs order all on my own, and everything that we'd ordered was there (except for a couple of back order items) and we even had a random extra item. (We couldn't use it, as it was for cats, so we sent it over to the Small Animal dept of the hospital...)  I took at least 50 million phone calls.  *grin*

I enjoy my job. It's *so* chilled and relaxed! And stress free - I know this will pick up when it gets to a busier time of the year, but honestly I feel so much happier working there!

I've been speaking to my friend Sue in Southend-on-Sea, and she wants us to go visit her overnight at some point (but not this weekend).  That's all very well, but she has cats, and we have a notorious cat-chasing dog... *laugh*  I'm sure we'll sort something out - and it would be lovely to see her!



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