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I had a bit more to do at work today, which was nice. I got to see how the scanner works, as Steph showed me it very briefly this morning. I had a 2 hr meeting with the practice manager which was basically going through customer service stuff. We went through it all quite quickly, presumably because he knew that I understood what he was talking about. Customer service is after all pretty much a given standard across all industries.

Amusingly, the accounts lady asked for my P45 documentation today, and I didn't have it yet, which is of course why it was on the doormat when I got home this evening. Actually, I had 3 letters from the DWP. One is my P45 (yay), the second is a letter telling me they cannot pay me an allowance from 16 May 2011 because I am going to be working for more than 16hrs a week. Awww. They're going to stop paying me nothing! Isn't that sweet of them. Oh, and the 3rd letter is my P60, which I suppose I'd better store somewhere safe!

I had more fun this afternoon with Catherine, Bella and Theeb - we sat and chatted a bit (T & B are two of the vets) and learned a bit more about each other, which was nice. My boss didn't come back to the office after she finished her last job this afternoon; a cow stood on her foot so she went home to put it up and rest it a bit!  I could *never* be a vet, with all the injuries they get!  (Not to mention all the horrid things they have to do... T was really excited this morning, he got a new emasculator and he got to play with it this afternoon as he had a goat to castrate. He said it was great! *grin*)



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