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We went out this afternoon, and were playing nicely off lead with Charlie, the ball and launcher like the mad ball-obsessed thing that he is... when this collie came out of nowhere and wanted to play. He ignored it, because, you know, BALL... I shooed it off - no visible people around, which pissed me off no end.

It came back again, and stood in my personal space, and got grrrrd at. I grabbed Charlie's harness as soon as I saw the blasted thing moving towards me, too. Next thing that happened was one pissed off Charlie shouting GO AWAY RUDE DOG, as he ran under the table to get at it (thereby upsetting his water bowl all over my sandalled feet!). Poor Charlie ended up on his lead tied to table whilst this THING stood just out of reach, with tongue lolling out, then it trotted off, and as far as I can make out pooed behind someone's car...

We *think* it's people were the ones who decided to have a picnic on the grass the other side of the car park, where they had no possible chance of keeping an eye on it.

We were having *fun*, there was an extended family near us, and they had a lovely polite little boy who borrowed the ball launcher from us then *threw* Charlie's ball and gave the launcher back to us with a "thank you" - he was sweet! He even said goodbye when we wandered off. (Collie had rather spoiled the fun for me, and definitely spoiled the fun for Charlie!)
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