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Today's been an okay sort of day - I put a load of laundry on and hung it out this morning, did the washing up, then the comedy dog and I went for a walk over the park with the ball launcher. (Boy does he get excited about the ball launcher!) There were no other dogs around, and he had a brilliant time haring all over the place after the ball.

At lunch time I cut out straps for a new collar for Charlie, and hit a snag with the sewing machine. It doesn't appear to want to go through 2 thicknesses of webbing. Grr. A newer model machine might be the answer here - any recommendations?

We've had actual rain this afternoon. Only a little, mind! It has now cooled down quite a lot, and my ankles are chilly because the kitchen window is open - I had to let a wasp out - and I can't shut it from indoors due to being too short/too fat!

Also, I've had an email from the Practice Manager at the vets, giving me lots of information about the upcoming job and asking if I am interested in it. Goodness me, yes... The job is either part time (approx 28h) or full time (40h) and it *sounds* as though they want me to decide which option I would like to go for. Both positions have one Saturday in 6 that must be worked. I have replied saying yes, I am interested. (Just a little!)



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