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There was a little birdy hopping around on the pergola this morning, looked very much like a juvenile sparrow to me - buff underneath, slightly darker wings, with white flashes. When I noticed it it was stood right next to the resident great tit. (Which flew off before I could get my camera... typical!) I chatted to [profile] kaiserdad about it whilst it was there, and it was a bit older than I'd thought as it hopped up onto the lowest part of the pergola, so wasn't a really young one. That was a relief! I wasn't relishing keeping an eye on it in case Mr & Mrs Magpie (denizens of The Bottom Of The Garden) decided it was a tasty snack.

I thought I'd be clever earlier on, and tried to fill the pond so that it overflows and then the nasty duckweed would just float off. Further thought pointed out to me (duh) that if I did that all the good plants would float off, too. Drat. I'm going to go for the chemical warfare option. Look out duckweed!

Charlie and I just got shut out in the front garden, when a freak gentle breeze blew the front door shut. (Possibly something to do with having the back door open at the same time... *laugh*) We trekked round to the back garden (looked at by passers-by, as I had a hand on his hairiness' collar, just in case - there *was* a cat up ahead, after all!) and got in that way. I went back out again to carry on weeding, but this time took my keys with me. *grin*
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