Apr. 20th, 2011

A small boy has just posted a leaflet through my letterbox, which was an advert for some car services.  I wouldn't mind, but he didn't shut the gate after himself - I went out and did so, and it's a good job Charlie doesn't leave the garden without permission, although I wouldn't like to rely on that if cats were around, knowing how he feels about cats.  I told the small boy to make sure he shut gates behind himself in future, as he was 2 houses away.  He needs to learn!

It's a lovely sunny day again. I've just looked back at my diary, and the last time we had rain was 11th April!  I am remembering to write rainy days down, so that I can say for sure how many we've had. I got a headache from being out in the sun yesterday, planting some of my seedlings. My sunflower seedlings appear to have completely disappeared, and I'm a bit disappointed about that. I might try to start off a couple more.

Something appears to be eating the cabbages and brussels sprouts that are in the ground. The cabbages that are in my raised bed are fine. I put slug pellets and egg shells down, just in case it is a slug attack, but I couldn't see slimey trails, which leads me to suspect Evil Butterflies. :-(



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