Apr. 12th, 2011

I've emailed Mr David Lidington, my MP, to ask if there is anything that can be done in the case of Mr Michael Aranda, an American citizen who came over here on a 6 week Visa on January 2nd 2011 to help a British band record their album. The border officer _wrote_ 6 months in his passport. (As far as I am concerned here, he's a bit of a numpty, just to set the record straight.) He apparently took it as being 6 months. Me, if I'd asked for a 6 week visa and someone'd written 6 months in my passport, I'd've queried it. Anyway.

On April the 6th he was refused entry back into the UK as his visa is only valid for the 6 weeks he asked for, and not for 6 months. He's apparently currently stranded in France with no way of getting his belongings in London back. I had a reply from one of Mr Lidington's staff who has advised "Mr Lidington has written to Mr Damian Green MP, Minister of State for Immigration, in order for him to address your concerns." I don't really think he should get the full 6 months the ipetition is saying he should have - he applied for 6 weeks, and got 6 weeks. It's not the gov't's fault that someone wrote months instead of weeks in his passport. But he should be allowed to come back so he can get his things, then go home again - no?

In other news, I have sowed beetroot, pickling onions, and hanging tomato seeds today. I have weeded one of Pete's patches as much as I could - too much bending over made me a bit dizzy, so I stopped. I pulled up loads of that annoying weed with white flowers and seeds that leap out all over the place if you so much as brush it. I've forgotten what it's called, though!

I have done 6 minutes on the exercise bike, on a cardio programme, and now I have sore muscles at the top of my legs and a pain in my right side. Oops.



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