Apr. 7th, 2011

We have another beautiful day, and I have therefore done two loads of laundry and have it all out on the line. One lot will need to go in the tumble dryer for a little bit anyway - it's towels, and I find if I put them out on the line solely they go all hard and crunchy - not really much fun when you're trying to dry yourself off! (I'm sure this is partly due to the water being really hard in this area!)

I've done 5 minutes on my exercise bike so far today (I have to do little bursts, not long ones) and I somehow managed to start it off on Level 11 instead of Level 1! I gave it 40 seconds before going down to Level 3, which was much easier - Level 11 felt like it was doing odd things to my knees.

I'm going to go plant a few radish seeds and some more pea seeds in the wigwam, and we'll see how they do, as the current pea seeds are a bit of a mixed batch - some are faring well, but some have just shrivelled away to nothing, which is a little upsetting. I started all of them off in my little indoor propagator, so I was quite attached to them!

Pete came home at lunch time, and decided to take Charlie for a run whilst on his bike. It looked like they were having fun when I watched the practice run up and down the track at the bottom of the back garden. It may have been less fun for Pete when they went round the block and encountered some C A T S! Charlie shouts at cats. And tries to chase them. *grin*



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